One of the most popular games in the iTunes App Store, FoxNext Games’ MARVEL Strike Force, leverages Helpshift’s asynchronous messaging, AI-powered workflows, and smart routing to maintain a 4.6 rating and a highly-engaged playerbase.

Meet MARVEL Strike Force: The Hit Mobile Squad Based Superhero Game from FoxNext

The MARVEL Universe invites fans to immerse themselves within the world of their favorite characters, and the MARVEL Strike Force (MSF) mobile game is no exception. MSF invites players to battle alongside allies and arch-rivals, and because it’s free-to-play, it largely relies on continuing engagement to maintain its popularity in the app store.

Michelle Dysangco, Senior Director of Customer Care at FoxNext Games, a division at FoxNext led by game industry veterans, understands the importance of keeping players in the game as much as possible — especially when it comes to player support. Strategizing ways to get players back into MSF when they require assistance is a large focus of her team today.

“I’ve worked for other companies where we’ve removed the experience from the mobile app into a native browser or a native email client and I’ve learned that we do not want to remove players from the game, so I was looking for a different solution to keep them in,” said Dysangco. “Helpshift, after deep analysis across different platforms, was able to provide that solution.”

Platform Efficiency Tools Enable Superior Player and Agent ExperiencesMSF is a game by FoxNext

The Helpshift platform allows players to asynchronously message back and forth with customer service agents right within the app, as if they were having an iMessage or WhatsApp conversation with a friend. Players are able to easily send screenshots of issues they are experiencing, and agents are able to help resolve these issues quickly — thanks to Helpshift capabilities like smart routing and automated workflows.

Helpshift’s latest set of platform-wide capabilities, SensAI, enables unprecedented levels of support efficiency. Dysangco is now using AI-powered issue classification and customizable bots to simultaneously streamline operations and increase customer satisfaction.

“One of the values that this can offer is the the ability to decrease the amount of low-value tickets for the agents so they can focus on high-value tickets,” said Dysangco. “For example, there is more urgency for those who cannot get back into the game versus those who just have feedback — so if we can automatically identify and target these issue types with automations, that alone could roughly remove 10-15 percent of tickets.”

Until recently, Dysangco’s team had to manually categorize and resolve these less urgent tickets, but now, Helpshift’s AI-powered classification and routing tools allow agents to focus on what they do best: taking care of their players and getting them back into the game.

“We want to make sure the agent environment is as seamless and unconfusing as possible, and then we want to make sure we’re providing frictionless support for the user.”

Asynchronous Messaging Allows for Timely Resolution and Happy Players

Another key benefit of using Helpshift is that it is purpose built for continuous conversations: agents can weave back and forth between live and asynchronous support. Yes, urgent issues like players reporting that they cannot access the game will be automatically prioritized, but those less urgent (but still important) issues will also come with a positive support experience.

With asynchronous messaging, players can send off a message and leave the conversation, and be notified when there is a response waiting for them. They don’t have to wait around on hold in a browser, or go through the trouble of having to start over if they exit the screen. They can go on playing the game while the agent is working on the issue in the background.

The metrics that matters most to Dysangco revolve around player engagement, and the way she keeps an eye on engagement is by promoting high customer satisfaction and quick resolution times. Her team is able to resolve most issues within a few hours, and today the game boasts a 4.6 rating on the iTunes App Store with more than 76,000 reviews.

“Our customer satisfaction is really quite amazing, and my team’s ability to continue to handle customer requests in a timely manner is definitely something that keeps me happy every day!” Dysangco concluded.